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Alfa Laval Comes To Our Company For Second Party Audit

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Recently,Alfa Laval China District Auditor Jean Zheng and USA District Auditor Jose Antonio Guijarro came to our company for a second party audit,The general manager of the company,Zhai Haiping, and the heads of various departments gave them warm reception.


During the audit,the two parties exchanged views on the development profile,social responsibility,product structure and quality upgrade of their respective companies. Jean Zheng hopes to verify the performance of our social responsibility and the products and production processes provided by this two-party audit.The controlled state promotes the process control of our company's products more efficiently and orderly,The audit team fully affirmed the operation of our system and praised the company's strict quality control, high-quality production standards and the professional quality of employees.


Under the guidance of the enterprise training of “survive by quality,go by the world with integrity,and develop by science and technology”,our company constantly enhances the service concept of focusing on customers,solidifies the requirements of the system into daily work,and forms Good work habits. We welcome more customers to visit our company to help us improve and improve,so as to bring better service to our customers,better meet user requirements and improve user satisfaction.


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