Antimicrobial Stainless Steel

  • HC-001 
  • Nanjing 
  • Screw 

    At present,most antibacterial materials on the market only have surface antibacterial function,After the antibacterial layer is peeled,the antibacterial performance will be lost,The antibacterial effect is difficult to maintain durability and stability,The antibacterial stainless steel developed by our company comes from the nano-phase precipitated in the stainless steel matrix -Cu Realize the effect of antibacterial sterilization,so as to have stable antibacterial performance,increase the range of antibacterial, and improve the durability。

● Application areas:manufacturing kitchen design, eating utensils,household appliances,transportation,drinking water pipes,medical equipment and other products that are closely related to people's daily life;

● Product type:mainly bright straight bars、electrolytic wires、tubes、materials、belts,etc.

● Provide material:00Cr13Mn10Ni2Cu2、304Cu、316Cu.

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