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Ductile High Chromium Ferrite Material

  • HC-001 
  • Nanjing 
  • Screw 

Performance characteristics

    With supercritical temperature corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance;

    With high toughness and high plasticity,the way to solve the brittleness of high-chromium ferrite alloys is to greatly reduce the content of carbon,oxygen,and ammonia in the alloy,so that the brittleness of high-chromium ferrite is significantly improved;

    The comprehensive technical performance is improved,the raw material cost is low,and it has the value of promotion and application,and it is easy to industrialize production;

    ● Application areas:Corrosion-resistant materials and electro-thermal engineering materials industries,such as electro-alloy wire,evaporator of chlor-alkali industry,flue gas desulfurization device,urea industry,seawater desalination,paper bleaching,thermal power and condensers of nuclear power plants。

    ● Product type:Mainly based on rods、wires、wires、tubes、belts、and steel ropes。

    ● Provide material:000Cr30Mo2、000Cr26Mo2

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