Duplex Stainless Steel

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    The so-called duplex stainless steel is the ferrite phase and the austenite phase account for about half of each in its solid solution structure,and the content of the small amount of phase generally needs to reach 30%。In the case of low C content,Cr content is 18% -28%,Ni content is 3% -10%。Some steels also contain Mo、Cu、Nb、Ti、N and other alloying elements。

Performance characteristics

    ● Molybdenum-containing duplex stainless steel has good resistance to chloride stress corrosion under low stress;

    ● Molybdenum-containing duplex stainless steel has good pitting corrosion resistance;

    ● Have higher strength and fatigue strength;

    ● Has good corrosion resistance fatigue and wear corrosion performance;

    Scope of application:It is used in the construction of marine bridges with a life span of more than 120 years,the decoration of yachts and tankers,the construction materials of marine drilling tower platforms,plastic urine reactors and pipelines,and seawater filters。

    Product type:Mainly based on rod wire、tube、belt、steel wire rope。

    Provide materials:00Cr23Ni4N、00Cr18Ni5Mo3Si2、00Cr22Ni5Mo3N、0Cr25Ni5Mo2、00Cr25Ni7Mo3WCuN、00Cr25Ni7Mo4N、00Cr25Ni6Mo3CuN


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