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Jiangsu Xihu Special Steel Party Branch Launches 'July 1‘ Party Member Party Day Activities

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    In the morning,members of the party branch went to the Jurong Maoshan New Fourth Army Memorial Hall to visit and study. In the hall of the memorial hall,party members paid tribute to the memorial sculpture of the New Fourth Army. In the theme pavilion,the party members pursued the "Soutong People's Fight against the Japanese Invaders" and "the opening of the Maoshan Anti-Japanese Base". "The Maoshan New Fourth Army went eastward" and "the hardship of the Sunan Anti-Japanese Base". "The people of southern Jiangsu seized the anti-Japanese The five major journeys of the victory of the struggle.


    The revolutionary historical pictures,cultural relics and video materials in the memorial reproduce the glorious achievements and glorious images of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries such as Chen Yi and Su Yu,and reproduce the tragic scene of the New Fourth Army and the people of southern Jiangsu. Later,the party members visited the 36-meter-high "Sustong Memorial Monument of the Soviet Union" and felt the wonders of "flag firecrackers in front of the monument and the military number under the monument".

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    In the evening of the company's happy meeting,all party members gathered on stage to sing "No Communist Party and no New China","Defend the Yellow River",and celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the party.



   The party and party activities of the party members have played a positive and inspiring role,Party members have said that they will apply the spirit of the martyrs revolutionary spirits in the red-themed educational activities to future work and study,and continue to carry forward the revolution. The fine traditions of the predecessors have given full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the Communist Party members,constantly carrying forward and persisting in the hard work style,pioneering and enterprising,bravely innovating,and contributing their own strength to the development of the enterprise.

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