Soft Magnetic Stainless Steel

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    Soft magnetic stainless steel is close to the magnetic properties of industrial pure iron in terms of soft magnetic properties;in terms of dynamic magnetic properties,it is equivalent to silicon steel and permalloy,In terms of corrosion resistance,it is better than pure iron and silicon steel,and the cutting performance is good。

Performance characteristics

    When the magnetic field H=0.625Koe (50Ka/m) of soft magnetic stainless steel,the saturation magnetic induction intensity Bs>=15KGs (1.5T),the intrinsic coercive force Hcj<=50e (400A/m),The residual magnetic induction intensity Br<=6Gs (0.0006T) after impact。

● Application areas:mainly used in the production of solenoid valves,micro special motors and electrical components,with high magnetic induction strength,low coercive force,corrosion resistance and other characteristics;suitable for use in the atmosphere,steam,salt spray,ammonia Solenoid valve spool working in other environments;improves solenoid valve life and magnetic induction performance,reduces production costs and use costs。

● Provide materials:00Cr13Si2,00Cr13Si2Pb,0Cr14Si2PbS,0Cr17Si2Pb,0Cr17Si2,0Cr18Si2Mo2,0Cr17SiS


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